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Securus announces a range of leading edge online safeguarding innovations


Securus is delighted to announce a range of leading edge cloud-based online monitoring solutions, Securus XT, Securus NET, Securus 360 and Securus Assisted Monitoring.

Building on over fifteen years experience of providing monitoring software to learning establishments our latest developments have been specifically designed to make online safeguarding more accurate and easier to use than ever before.

Securus Product Suite

Marking a departure from other online monitoring solutions on the market, Securus next generation solution now offers safeguarding protection that monitors ALL devices that are attached to a school’s network and/or WI-Fi, including students own devices (such as iOS, Chromebook and Android). Once an instance of risk has been identified on the network an evidential screenshot is instantly created and stored for review and analysis.

In addition, the Securus Product Suite has been developed with easy-to-use and highly intuitive user interfaces designed to help establishments to ensure that potential instances of risk or problematic online activity are identified rapidly so that staff can respond, safeguard and educate accordingly.

Commenting on the launch of Securus new range of safeguarding solutions CEO, Bernard Snowe said; 'We are delighted to launch our next generation of safeguarding solutions at BETT 2018. Our team have developed a fantastic new user interface along with new capability that ensures all devices attached to the network, whether school owned or part of your BYOD policy, can now be monitored to provide the most comprehensive and effective online safeguarding solution for schools. This product advancement enhances the school’s capability to pro-actively identify risk and act accordingly to keep children safe online'.

Securus Chairman, Derek Allen, added

‘As pioneers of online safeguarding we continue to put the welfare of children and young people at the heart of everything we do. In addition, we recognise that learning establishments have different needs The launch of both our new Securus Product Suite and our Assisted Monitoring Service, in partnership with SWGfL, help us to offer the most comprehensive range of safeguarding solutions in response to the needs of individual establishments'.

About Securus Product Suite

Securus XT
A client-based cloud solution that retains all of Securus existing high standard of monitoring functionality and much more. Securus XT features a new intuitive user interface that has been developed to help the process of reviewing and analysing captures more easily. Ease of navigation and highly visual user interfaces ensure that Securus XT reduces time spent on the capture review process. Securus XT works on all Windows & Mac computers to monitor all activity, both on and offline.

Securus NET
Securus NET resides at network level, to provide enhanced multi-platform safeguarding coverage for all devices connected by Wi-Fi or other. This includes students' own devices as part of BYOD schemes such as iOS, Chromebooks & Android. Securus NET offers a unique solution that generates evidential screenshots at network level. Securus NET will capture and alert on inappropriate or concerning activity, enabling staff to respond, educate and transform behaviour.

Securus 360
Combines both next generation solutions, XT and NET, to provide learning establishments with the ultimate 360-degree coverage offering the same high level of user experience. Ideally suited to secondary schools, colleges and multi-site environments, Securus 360 ensures that all activity on the network is monitored, regardless of device or type of connection.

Securus Assisted Monitoring Service (AMS), delivered in partnership with South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL)

Securus also launches a new Assisted Monitoring Service, in partnership with online safety experts SWGfL, at BETT 2018.

AMS is a combined solution that brings together Securus technology and a specially designed service that will monitor and check captured data on behalf of learning establishments.

The service has been developed in order to rapidly identify and alert schools to serious captures along with offering co-ordinated action and advice on how to help to resolve issues in line with best safeguarding practice. Rather than removing risk or responsibility from the school, it will help the school to effect a good level of monitoring with the confidence that captures can be recognised and escalated rapidly.

AMS is operated by a trained and experienced team of professionals who have a background in education, child protection, ICT and social care.

David Wright, Director UK Safer Internet Centre at SWGfL, said “South West Grid for Learning Trust are delighted to be working in partnership with Securus to deliver the Assisted Monitoring Service. We believe the combined years of experience in safeguarding children online, and technical expertise of Securus make a formidable partnership and one which should help schools have complete confidence in their monitoring of children in their care.”

About SWGfL
  • Online Safety: SWGfL is a world leader in online safety: since 2010 SWGfL has been the lead partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre; is a founding member of the UKCCIS; and advises the Government and School Inspectorates.
  • Helpline: SWGfL operate, as part of the UK Safer Internet Centre, the Professionals Online Safety Helpline (POSH), which provides a wide range of advice and assistance across many safeguarding matters.
  • Internet Services: SWGfL has been an internet service provider since 2000, and is the largest provider to schools in the south west; SWGfL understands how schools use the internet, and how filtering and monitoring services should work.

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