COVID-19 – eSafety help for schools

Monitor remote learners using school-owned & managed devices – eSafety help for schools during Covid-19

As a company focused on eSafety and safeguarding, and with so many pupils now learning from home, we believe it is critically important to ensure their safety and well-being when online.

Our extensive library of key words and phrases covers all topics surrounding mental health – such as self harm, depression, suicidal thoughts and eating disorders to name a few, plus other concerns such as exploitation, drug & alcohol dependencies and cyber bullying – which may also be a contributing factor affecting their mental health at this time.

If you are a school with concerns about safeguarding remote learners, we can monitor Windows & Chrome school owned & managed devices. Our core product Securus XT can be deployed on your network without the need for devices to be located on the school premises

We also offer a Full Monitoring Service (FMS) where our safeguarding team will monitor activity on behalf of the school.

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