Online Monitoring

A complete Full Monitoring Service for schools to remove pressure on DSLs and ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to protection against harm.

Safeguarding In Schools
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DSLs – do you ever feel like the time constraints of your role impact on your ability to keep on top of all aspects of online safety?

But imagine if you had your own team of online safeguarding experts working away in the background on your behalf?

Securus’ Full Monitoring Service is like having your very own team of safeguarding experts who monitor, analyse and alert you and other relevant members of staff to potential incidents of concern.

We ensure all school devices are continually monitored – providing greater cost efficiency of resources without taking up valuable teaching and staff management time.

"Securus Full Monitoring has without doubt made our job far easier than it was previously and more importantly has enabled us to identify more concerns than ever before. Having Securus in operation 24 hours a day every day gives peace of mind to the DSL team, which is particularly important at a time we have loaned out over 300 laptops to students and another 100 to staff. I would recommend this service to any school without hesitation."
Director of inclusion & DSL
Catholic secondary school

Designated Safeguarding Leads, do you:

Lack understanding of what digital monitoring systems you currently have in place and how they actually work?

Struggle to check every report of potential online harm?

Have no real way, beyond blocking a website, of identifying harmful online behaviours?

Spend too long addressing ‘false positives’ i.e. reports of online harm that are in fact not safeguarding incidents but are instead often linked to genuine study?

Are challenged with keeping up with risks imposed by new and upcoming online platforms?

Have no real way of monitoring online abuse that takes place via offline applications or as a result of non-typed searches?

Feel pressured to keep on top of online monitoring and reporting incidents to relevant members of staff (e.g. Headteacher, school IT manager, etc)?

We’d love to say this list is exhaustive – but we all know it isn’t. And that’s a lot of added workload on your plate.

There is an easier way. 

Let our expert team do it all for you.

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"My feedback is simple - the service saves me potentially hours of additional work, is very cost effective, I am very happy with the service. In a nutshell - perfect."
Community Primary School

How we lighten the burden for DSLs

Just like you, we put students first. Everything in the way we’ve designed our software and systems is there to protect children and young people from online harm. We help safeguard thousands of students throughout the UK and internationally against online harm every day.

Last year during the Autumn Term, for example, we assessed and reviewed more than 100,000 online safety incidents that web filtering and blocking failed to identify – saving DSLs countless hours of their valuable time. Approximately 67% of these incidents concerned some of the most severe categories including grooming, hacking, eating disorders, terrorism, mental health and pornography.

We’ll help reduce your administrative workload. By taking on all of your online monitoring responsibility, you’ll have more time for other DSL, teaching and management responsibilities. This will reduce interruption to your school structure and timetable.

We’ll collaborate with your IT manager on your behalf. Successful online safeguarding often involves close collaboration between you and your School IT Manager. We help alleviate not just your workload but that of your School IT Manager too by removing online monitoring from your plates, but also knowing exactly when the School IT Manager’s expertise might be needed (e.g. in the case of student hacking).

We’ll make sure you meet all compliance. All of our software complies with Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance, the Prevent duty, Ofsted regulations and ISI Inspections frameworks.

We’ll make sure you only pay for what you need. We know school budgets are stretched so we’ve made sure Securus Full Monitoring Service is competitively priced. The cost of our expert team taking care of your online monitoring needs is considerably less than the cost of the time it would take you and your School IT Manager to perform the same task.

Ready to stop trying to do everything yourself? We’re ready to lighten your burden and support you in your role as DSL. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch below for a free 10-minute demo.

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