The latest version of the Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance has been released by the DfE with a continued focus on safeguarding pupils and online safety.   Appropriate monitoring needs to be in place as an e-safety measure and in adherence to the school’s child protection policy, including the use of mobile phones and smart technology.    

There is also a greater emphasis on remote learning and the reliance on technology during lockdown periods following Covid-19.  With this in mind, Securus has the capability to support schools with all their monitoring requirements in line with the latest guidance, whether in the school environment or learning at home.  Securus continues to monitor for harms such as mental health & well-being, suicide, self-harm, bullying, abuse and other topics of concern, providing a secure digital monitoring solution for all statutory policies including PREVENT and Ofsted.

You can view the latest guidance below and if you would like to discuss your online monitoring requirements or would like a free Digital Safeguarding Consultation, please do not hesitate to get in touch!