Safeguarding that monitors ALL network/Wi-Fi attached devices

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Yes, our extensive library of key words and phrases has been created and updated by safeguarding professionals to ensure schools are compliant with the DfE statutory guidance for Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) and The Prevent Duty. This also extends to the school duties contained in the Ofsted and the ISI Inspection Frameworks.

We would always suggest a whole school approach.

A common view is that as it is software, it should be the IT department that monitor.

However, this is not really correct, the IT department will almost certainly be involved but all schools are required to have a designated safeguarding lead (DSL) in place to deal with child protection and safeguarding.

The DSL would normally be a member of the senior leadership team and they would be the person to take lead responsibility for safeguarding matters, they would also almost certainly monitor and review the captures.

There may well be more than one member of staff who reviews captures and, along with the DSL, make up the designated safeguarding team for the school.

Pioneers of eSafety software in UK with over 16 years’ experience.

Cloud based solutions.

Only Securus have software solutions that can monitor all devices attached to a school network.

Only Securus have software solutions that provide highlighted, screenshots for all captures for all devices that identifies and captures key words & phrases across all applications.

Members of IWF & UKCCIS

In brief, the Securus software solutions monitor devices attached to your network against both our proprietary library of words and phrases and, if required, your own school customised library.

Should any online/offline* activity identify any match against these libraries, a screenshot is created along with all identifying information, called a ‘capture’. This capture is sent to the Securus Cloud Console for review by your safeguarding team.

*Offline Windows activity monitored with Securus XT.

As opposed to most of our competitors, Securus uses character recognition which can detect words and phrases irrespective of the application or setting.

The alternative, hooking or injection, as used by most of our competitors, will cover a limited number of applications and may also create screenshots where the word or phrase is not actually in view.

Our approach also avoids the risk of conflict with 3rd party software.

Securus also produces high/original resolution captures including multiple screen sessions.

Yes, our solution for ALL non-Windows devices is agentless, is called Securus NET and provides screenshot captures for anything that is identified against our library of keywords & phrases.

Should you have a mixed environment, such as Windows, Chromebook & Mac you can combine both Securus XT and Securus NET to provide a total solution, known as Securus 360.

Securus XT for monitoring all Windows devices.
Securus NET for monitoring iPad, Chromebook, Mac, PCs, laptops Android & BYOD.
Securus 360 (Securus XT & Securus NET combined) for monitoring mixed device/OS environments.

Securus has multi lingual support as standard with no development overheads, rather the adding of library packs.

Securus will highlight multiple words on a capture if they occur. Highlighting of the key / primary term is calculated against both the severity and accuracy of the match. In addition, multiple word highlighting meaning consolidated detail / fewer captures.

The Securus Cloud Console means updates are carried out automatically and change requests can also be carried out quickly on the customers behalf.

Yes, by default the Securus Console is cloud based, located in the UK and is ISO/IEC 27001:2013. certified, the internationally recognised standard for Information Security Management.

We set each school up within the cloud environment and provide them with their login credentials to access their own specific console. The Securus Console is where captures are sent for review and actioning by the school’s safeguarding team.

However, we are flexible and should any school require an alternative installation, please contact us to discuss the available options.

No, schools are required to have ‘appropriate filtering AND monitoring’, not one or the other. Monitoring and filtering are complimentary solutions and work extremely well side by side.

Monitoring is very much a proactive solution whereas filtering tends to be focused on blocking and often a reactive solution.

Monitoring provides you with specific screen-based evidence showing you what is happening online on your network. This intelligence can then be added to your filtering solution to ensure you can see an overall view and that certain inappropriate sites and IT resources are no longer accessible.

Without monitoring in place, you may not be fully aware of what is happening on your network and what new threats you might be facing.

No, it is certainly helpful but can be time consuming to analyse all of the data.

Some filtering solutions do provide you with URLs and keyword captures but not normally any evidential screenshots or non-keyboard detection for users who ‘click through’ websites rather than use the keyboard.

Securus provides highlighted screenshots, together with all the who, what, where & when information. This allows reviewers to quickly contextualise all captures and take any action that might be necessary.

No, Securus will happily work alongside your existing filtering solution.

Absolutely, we can setup the Securus Console so the Trust or the Group will sit at the top of the hierarchy, with all its schools sitting beneath them individually or in whatever sub-grouping desired, e.g. North Group and South Group.

The Trust/Group will usually have global rights over the schools and each school can have their own individual rights to allocate reviewers, access rights, add custom libraries, etc.

Specific groups can be setup to reflect cross Trust focus areas such as ‘High Risk Users’ with access rights assigned to specific members of staff.

Should you have any potential incidents of concern that you wish to be notified of as soon as anyone either types or views the keyword or phrase, you can create an ‘Alert Trigger’.

These alerts are email notifications that advise a recipient or any number of recipients when something has been captured by Securus against the specific criteria setup for the alert. Our Support team are available to either create ‘Alert Triggers’ or train you on how to create these.

Very easy, our Support and Implementation team will setup an instance for the school on our cloud environment.

They then send the Securus XT agent to the school for deployment on all Windows devices to be monitored and, if ordered, install the Securus NET proxy onto the school’s own physical or virtual server.

Once this has been completed, the Securus software is tested to ensure captures are being generated and received by the Securus Console and the system is ready for live monitoring.

Absolutely, the Securus Annual Licence includes a range of training options and resources which are included and can be called upon at any time during the licence period.

  • Training of key users, those that review and manage captures and administer the system
  • Support via the Securus Help Desk
  • Access to various training resources on the Customer Support Portal
Onsite training is available upon request at an additional cost.

OK, we understand that some schools might not have either the staff to review captures, don’t feel fully confident in safeguarding terms reviewing captures or do not feel they have the time to properly manage the captures for themselves.

In these cases, Securus can offer an Assisted Monitoring Service where the captures and the system is monitored on behalf of the school by a team of safeguarding experts using one of our authorised monitoring partners.

Our partners actively monitor, analyse and categorise all online activity the school generates and provides immediate alerts to the nominated contacts at the school (DSL, Headteacher etc) should any capture meet the agreed criteria of potential risk or inappropriate on-line behaviour.

This approach to online safeguarding ensures that your school’s users are constantly monitored by a team of online safeguarding experts to ensure that the school is compliant with their statutory obligations and potential safeguarding risks are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner.

Competitively priced, please contact us for further details and to discuss the level of service required.

Less than you might think!

At Securus we continue to work in an open and engaging manner to meet the differing needs of the various types of customers we support. We also understand the schools landscape has changed with the emergence of school groups and MATs.

Our pricing, therefore, is geared to the specific needs of each customer and also reflects the need for flexibility to ensure Securus can meet our customers budgetary parameters.

We work closely with all our customers to improve our software and services, their feedback is important and includes new feature requests, ideas, performance issues and bugs. Please email the support desk with any thoughts or issues,