• Securus generates screenshots to provide visual evidence of captured activity

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Product Suite

We are delighted to present the next generation of online & offline monitoring software. Specifically developed to make the task of online safeguarding easier and more accurate than ever before.

Securus XT

Securus XT Software

Our client-based solution featuring the most advanced levels of monitoring functionality available.

Securus XT monitors and updates the Securus Console, our intuitive user interface that has been developed to help you review and analyse captures more easily. Highly visual and easy to navigate, the user interface ensures that the Securus Console reduces time spent on the capture review process.

Securus XT works on all Windows computers to monitor all activity, both online and offline and also captures typed and non-typed activity. Securus XT can be configured to monitor on a 24/7 basis.

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Securus XT Technical Specifactions

Securus NET

Securus NET Software

Securus NET resides at the network level, to provide enhanced multi-platform safeguarding coverage for ALL devices and can support the organisations BYOD policy.

Securus NET also updates the Securus Console, our intuitive user interface, and along with any captures from Securus XT provides safeguarding staff with a single interface to optimise capture review.

Securus NET can monitor iPad or Chromebook networks, alternatively it works in conjunction with Securus XT on multiple and mixed device networks to provide complete online safety coverage for ALL devices.

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Securus NET Technical Specifactions

Securus Assisted Monitoring Service (AMS)

Securus Software Assisted Monitoring Service

Let us do the monitoring for you

Delivered in partnership with ITS4all and South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL), AMS provides schools with a full service provided by a team of safeguarding experts who monitor, analyse and categorise all online activity along with rapidly alerting you to potential risk.

This approach to online safeguarding ensures that your school’s network is constantly monitored by the AMS team to ensure that potential safeguarding risks are less likely to slip through the net. In addition the AMS team are on hand to offer support and advice to help you to resolve issues.

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For customers who want the best of both worlds, Securus XT and Securus NET can be combined to provide the ultimate 360º coverage. Ideally suited to secondary schools, colleges and multi-site environments Securus 360 ensures that all activity on your network regardless of device or type of connection is monitored.

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How does Securus work?

All of our products feature easy-to-use and highly intuitive user interfaces that will help your establishment to ensure that potential instances of risk or problematic online activity are identified rapidly so that you can respond, safeguard and educate accordingly.

The Console

Highly secure cloud based server console where the word and phrase “captures” and associated screen shots are stored.

Members of the organisations safeguarding team access the console to view their dashboard reports and can drill down to captures to review and action potentially inappropriate content.

Securus Console

The Monitoring Software

The 'agents' sit on devices and/or on the network scanning for user online activity against a library of keywords and phrases organised into many different categories.

Once any inappropriate activity is identified by matching against the library, a capture, including a screen shot, is generated and appears in the console.

Monitoring Software

Key features

Cloud Console

Intuitive user interface to review captures


Detects typed and non-typed content (Securus XT)


Instant email alerts


Monitors devices away from school network (Securus XT)


Easy installation and configuration


Solutions fully compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS iOS and Android

Simple Reporting

Fast & simple reporting and scheduling functionality


False positive reduction technology


Detailed information for all captures


Captures all online and offline activity