Comprehensive device monitoring

School computer monitoring has never been more important. For the past 20 years, our expert team of developers and analysts have refined Securus’ pioneering technology designed to protect and promote the wellbeing and online safety of young people.

Securus XT, our device-level software, features the most advanced monitoring functionality available. Operating 24/7, it effectively captures online, offline, typed and untyped activity across Windows & Chromebook devices.


Easy-to-use, anytime, anywhere cloud console

Our intuitive cloud console aids efficient review and analysis of alerts anytime, anywhere

Leading-edge technology

Next generation online monitoring software incorporating the latest false positive reduction technology to effectively and rapidly identify genuine risks

Maintaining compliance

All our solutions ensure compliance with the government statutory guidance on safeguarding children


Bespoke configuration of alerts for all eventualities to notify staff immediately of specific concerns

Role-based access

Support for different levels of access for safeguarding, senior leadership or technical staff

Pre-assigned severity rating

New captures (risk alerts) include a pre-assigned severity rating to enhance speed of review and capture management

Remote learners

More crucial than ever, our software continues to monitor learners whether they are in school or at home

Securus Fully Managed Service (FMS) option

Let our safeguarding team monitor captures on your school’s behalf, alerting you to any concerns or risks to reduce pressure on your time and other resources


Integrate concerns of your choosing with leading Safeguarding Record Management solutions including MyConcern


Server Specification:
Securus cloud provision
Installation Medium:

Windows MSI
Chrome Extension via Chrome store

Client Specification:

Storage: 2.5GB

OS Coverage:

Windows: Windows 7, Windows 10
ChromeOS: All iterations

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Keeping Children
Safe Online – Part 1

Some of our customers share how they benefit from using Securus to safeguard their pupils.


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