Social Media Guidance over the Summer Break– as advised by the UK Safer Internet Centre 

During the Summer holiday many children and young people will be using social media platforms, whether TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp or something else entirely.


Each platform can be used safely with just a few precautions.


Each social media platform has a set of rules which set out how they expect users to behave on their platform.

Some examples of guidelines are:

  • Do not create material that intends to harass, bully or upset people
  • Do not create material that is discriminatory against someone’s age, race, religion, gender, sexuality or disability
  • Do not promote or share sexually explicit material
  • If someone blocks you, do not contact them from another account
  • Do not share another person’s private information
  • Do not encourage dangerous behaviour or violence

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Check out some other great resource from the UK Safer Internet Centre with advice  for your favourite apps, to understand the terms and conditions for using each platform:


On behalf of the Securus Team, we hope you have an enjoyable Summer!