Digital Monitoring for School IT Network Managers

We help reduce School IT Managers’ workload by removing a significant chunk of digital safeguarding responsibility so they can focus on their network and other IT ticket requests

During the Autumn term, last year, across 120+ schools, our team reviewed over 400,000 screenshots generated by our digital online safeguarding software, including those related to grooming, hacking, eating disorders, terrorism, mental health and pornography.

Many of these screenshots will have required the School IT Manager to triage in order to determine false positives from genuine online safeguarding incidents that require action by the Designated Safeguarding Lead. 

Online monitoring is an extremely important and time-sensitive undertaking, but it takes School IT Managers away from other network tasks and can delay response times to staff and student IT issues.

Daily online monitoring can feel like one of those low level ticket tasks that take up a lot of your time. We help significantly reduce this workload.


Here’s how we help tech leaders:

We monitor your entire school network daily for you - across mixed devices and connections including iPad, Mac and Android

We go through every online safeguarding incident or ‘capture’ for you and categorise it based on pre-agreed criteria

We eliminate any false positives

We help reduce computer misuse such as hacking

Our set up is fast and we auto-sync with your current directory

We also integrate with leading Safeguarding Record Management solutions including MyConcern and CPOMs

Zero impact on your school network

“Securus has been instrumental in safeguarding our students over the past 3 years and alerts us to any misuse on the computer systems. When we implemented Securus, the support engineers spent the time to tailor it to our needs to ensure we didn’t receive too many false positives”

– IT Manager, Alcester Grammar School

Securus Full Monitoring Service comprises a UK-based team of online monitoring experts with many years’ experience between them. For 20 years, we have successfully supported hundreds of schools across the UK and internationally. 

All of our software complies with Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance, the Prevent duty, Ofsted regulations and ISI Inspections frameworks.