The complete monitoring
and reporting service

The Securus Full Monitoring Service is managed by a team of safeguarding experts who monitor, analyse and alert the school to potential incidents of concern. This approach to online safety ensures that all school devices are constantly monitored without taking up valuable teaching and staff management time.


Putting pupils first

Gatekeepers to the online safety landscape, our team provides schools with a full monitoring service, including timely alerts and reports on all activity to protect the safety of online learners

Monitoring 24 /7

Monitoring, analysing and categorising all online activity, across all network or wifi attached devices, capturing and providing immediate alerts of potential risk incidents, including visual evidence

Committed team of safeguarding experts

Our team is on hand to offer best practice advice and support in relation to online consumption, as well as staff-pupil communications, mitigating the likelihood of safeguarding violations slipping through the net

Cost effective

Excellent value for money when compared to the cost of staff time required to monitor risk alerts

Compliance assured

Complies with Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance, the Prevent duty, Ofsted regulations and ISI Inspections frameworks

Saves time

Significant time savings delivered for staff previously responsible for monitoring and reviewing risks, reducing interruption to the school structure and timetable

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Securus’ complete monitoring and reporting service.

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