Self managed monitoring
for schools & all other education settings

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Securus 360 combines our XT & NET technology to provide self-managed monitoring at both the device- and network-level

We understand that each school has different needs for monitoring pupil activity and that safeguarding policies & processes vary across different education settings. 

That’s why we offer the option to self-manage Securus, with full access to the capture portal – providing screenshot evidence and dynamic reporting for both online & offline activity in ALL applications.

How Does It Work?

Monitoring at device-level and network-level

Our device-level software features advanced monitoring functionality – capturing online, offline, typed and untyped activity across Windows & Chromebook devices. 

Our network-level monitoring delivers enhanced safety across all devices including iPads, Mac, Android & Mobile Devices – and supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.

Capture Severity Levels

Securus has a built in library of 24+ categories with dynamic grading and levels of severity in accordance with DfE’s Keeping Children Safe in Education and child protection agencies:

Severity 1

Low grade capture – low level incident with no risk factor

Severity 2

Low to Medium grade capture – usually off task or non typed incident

Severity 3

Medium grade capture – potentially unsafe behaviour for consideration

Severity 4

Medium to High grade capture – clear safeguarding incident identified for review and immediate action

Severity 5

High grade capture – urgent safeguarding incident indicating immediate risk or harm

Key Benefits


Implementation & setup configured to school specific requirements.

Miss Nothing

Monitor ALL devices including iPads, Mac computers, Chromebooks, Windows, Android & Mobile Phones, providing support for BYOD initiatives for Ofsted.

Full Support & Training

Unlimited online training and access to the Support Team & Knowledge Base – all part of our cost-effective self-managed monitoring solution covering ALL devices.


Reinforces and supports positive pupil behaviour and well-being.


Meets DfE Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance, Ofsted inspection requirements & ISI framework.


Integration with MyConcern & CPOMS reduces the need for unnecessary additional system interactions.

Some Key Threats We Monitor For

Cyber Bullying
Sexual Harm
Drugs & Gang Culture
Mental Health Issues, Suicide & Self Harm
Online Grooming
Hacking the School Network
Hate Speech
Sidmouth College
Berwick Academy
The Boulevard Academy
Blessed Hugh Faringdon
Royal Alexandra Albert School
St John Bosco College Battersea

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