How To Safeguard Students Online with Securus [InfoGraphic]

Securus Infographic

Discover how to safeguard students online with Securus, the expert in Digital Monitoring & Safety in education, provides a comprehensive pupil monitoring and safeguarding software solution for schools & Multi Academy Trusts.

1. Advanced Monitoring

Our software monitors all digital activity to protect students from online threats – across ALL devices and Applications

2. Full Monitoring Service Option

Our team of safeguarding experts monitor captures for you, reviewing and responding to critical concerns immediately by notifying the school DSL.

3. Compliance Support

Securus helps schools meet regulatory safeguarding requirements including Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance, the Prevent Duty & the Ofsted Inspection Framework.

4. Digital Well-being

Promotes digital resilience and responsible online behavior, providing an understanding about how to interact in the digital world.

5. Trusted Expertise

Backed by years of experience in the field of online safety, the Securus team hold certified safeguarding qualifications.

Securus: Student Safety First

Securus offers advanced digital monitoring and safeguarding software for schools and education establishments, helping protect students and uphold regulatory compliance.

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