Monkey App – Safeguarding Alert

Through our Securus FMS managed safeguarding service, and in conversation with several of our customers, we have been alerted to the Monkey App as a potential safeguarding risk to children and young people and we would like to make all schools aware of the potential dangers.

What is the Monkey App?

Monkey App LogoThe Monkey App, which is pitched at teenagers, lets users talk face-to-face with random strangers for 15 seconds initially and can add extra time to the call if both participants agree. 

The app has no age-verification causing a potential danger to children, especially younger children. 

Users are randomly matched with other users for a brief, introductory video call and can add the person on Snapchat to continue the connection. 

Children and teens who use the app will be sharing three types of information: 

  • Personal information (name, profile picture, date of birth)
  • Contributed content (the photos, texts, videos, and screenshots shared with other users – meaning sexual content is possible)
  • Automatic information (browser, I.P. address).

Read the Safer Schools article below to find out more:

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