16 Online Safety & Digital Monitoring Questions Ofsted May Raise at an Inspection [2024]

Not sure what Ofsted might ask about Online Safety & Digital Monitoring? 

Here are 16 possible Ofsted safeguarding questions that may be raised at an Inspection [Updated for 2024]: 

  1. What online safety policies and acceptable use policies are in place?
  2. What are the procedures for ensuring online safety policies are updated regularly?
  3. How does the school identify whether policies are clear, understood and adhered to?
  4. What monitoring solution does the school have in place to support pupils and staff with online safety?
  5. Does your monitoring solution protect pupils from accessing radicalisation & extremist content?
  6. How are incidents dealt with and recorded?
  7. Do you ensure all staff receive appropriate online safety training regularly?
  8. How does the school educate parents and the school community with online safety?
  9. Do your governors understand how the monitoring solution is used within the school?
  10. How does your school educate pupils to build the knowledge and skills required to ensure a safe online environment?
  11. How does your school ensure students can access the internet in an age-appropriate way?
  12. How does your school effectively protect vulnerable children from accessing harmful content?
  13. How is social media tackled within your school?
  14. How does your school protect children with special educational needs from the dangers online?
  15. Do pupils know how to stay safe from online predators?
  16. How do pupils learn about their digital footprint and what they should be aware of online?
Ofsted Safeguarding Questions

Keeping children safe is one of Ofsted’s key strategies with plans set out to tackle safeguarding within the framework. 

Inspections will look at how schools address harmful sexual behaviour — a change that was introduced in the wake of the Everyone’s Invited scandal — adhering to the Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance and the Prevent Duty. 

Ofsted wants to assess how your pupils are taught to stay safe online and how effective your current policies are. 

How Ofsted will assess online safety – At a glance

Outstanding Inadequate
Whole school consistent approach Security of passwords is ineffective
Robust and integrated reporting routines Children are not aware of how to report a problem
Effective staff development There is no evidence of staff training
Clearly communicated and respected policy Policies are generic and not updated
Progressive curriculum There is no progressive, planned e-safety education
Secure and effective infrastructure Personal data is unsecure
Effective monitoring and evaluation There is no internet filtering or monitoring

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We are available to talk to any education establishment who may have concerns with the safety of pupils using digital platforms and demonstrate how Securus monitors both school devices, and network activity, to meet Ofsted inspection requirements.

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Many organisations such as NSPCC, LGfL & eSafety Support have resources that are part of this subject matter and offer information on safeguarding requirements for Ofsted inspections.

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