Securus Sponsor St John Bosco College, Battersea Football Kit – Supporting Health & Well-being in School Sport

Year 8 Boys Football Team St John Bosco
Year 8 Boys team – Catholic Cup Fixture with Derek Allen Executive Chairman & Founder of Securus Software

Securus is delighted to sponsor St John Bosco College in Battersea with a new football kit for students, supporting them through this season’s football fixtures and beyond. We believe that healthy minds and bodies through sport is essential for student mental health and wellbeing. 

The students were thrilled with the new kit chosen and each player now wears the dedicated strip when they are on the pitch, which gives the girls’ and boys’ a sense of pride to be part of the St John Bosco College team. 

On 17th April the boys’ Year 8 team played in the Catholic Cup fixture against strong opponents and although not a victory, a very worthy game took place showing great camaraderie and team-work throughout the match. The commitment shown by the boys’ will certainly drive them through the season to triumphs and deserved wins. 

U13 Girls Football Team St John Bosco E1713456280253
the U13s Girls team - English Schools Football Association Fixture with Ms Louis / PE teacher

On 21st February 2024 the SJBC’s U13 girls’ team stepped onto the battlefield for their English Schools Football Association fixture against Overton Grange, with fierce determination as they wore their new dazzling football kit sponsored by Securus. The game began with a bang as Charlene expertly converted a cut back into a goal within the first 5 minutes, setting the stage and an electrifying tone for what seemed to be a promising game. 

Despite a motivational halftime pep talk from Mr. Parke and some glimpses of magic from the girls, the second half saw the team battling, allowing Overton Grange to capitalise and score 4 unanswered goals. Although the final score didn’t reflect the girls’ valiant effort and skill, it highlighted their resilience and determination against the challenges of a fiercely contested match. 

The girls have also played some other fantastic matches which have taken place so far – with friendly matches, League Fixtures and the Futsal Finals through February and March.

“We extend our deepest gratitude to Derek at Securus for his generous sponsorship of our new team football kits, a transformative contribution that has reinvigorated our team's spirit and performance. Previously, our students were disappointed in having to wear their standard PE kits for fixtures, a visibly stark contrast to the specialised kits of other schools.

However, the arrival of the Securus-sponsored kits which saw students blocking the hallway and entrance into the PE office to grab a glimpse, has markedly changed this dynamic, instilling a sense of excitement, pride, and unity among our players. They now step onto the field not just as competitors, but as proud representatives of our school, eager to display their skills and teamwork. Securus' support has not only enhanced our team's visual presence but has also elevated the students' confidence and sense of belonging at SJBC. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Securus.”

“We are delighted to be sponsoring the SJBC football kits & all of my team at Securus will be supporting & cheering on the boys’ and girls’ through each football match they play. More importantly, the enjoyment of being part of a team and sport participation enhances social skills and brings young people together. I can see this camaraderie with all the students at SJBC - Well done to all the players who have played fantastic matches on the field!”

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