Stop Cyberbullying Day 2024

Securus Monitoring & Safeguarding Solutions provide the vital tools to protect vulnerable children & young people from cyber bullying and other serious harms that could stem from being bullied, such as changes to a pupil’s mental health & wellbeing, racism or hate speech – opportunities which could otherwise be missed in the real-world.

Securus actively monitors and promotes safe online behaviours. When an incident is detected a screenshot ‘capture’ with detailed evidence automatically updates the management Console, enabling school safeguarding staff to review the incident and intervene and take immediate action to help guide and educate students to improve their online behaviour. 

As cyber bullying remains one of the leading topics for schools, Securus not only captures keyboard generated incidents. With our unique OCR scanning technology, the software also captures non-typed activity from any application on the school network, including Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace, offering an advanced layer of monitoring.

Securus is proud to work together with Exa Networks to jointly support “Stop Cyberbullying Day 2024” to raise awareness and to safeguard children & young people in education, supporting their digital wellbeing and providing a safer online environment.

Securus Real World Scenario Video: Bullying

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